We at have selected some initial sites to help you plan and organise your Scuba diving trip. As we develop the site - and more members of the community contribute advice, ideas and comments - we will add more links and information on them.
UK travel
Plan your car trip:
Detailed and up-to-date road maps for the UK (and overseas) Google Maps
Car hire:
For getting around your chosen location - Scuba-hut has used this site for local car hire. Worth a try Car:
Taxi services:
For local travel Taxi:
Check travel options & times - and book your trip in advance Rail:
If you can't get there by rail - or just need to make a final hop - try this site for local bus connections Bus:
UK flights:
There are many sites you can visit. However, We at have used this site before and found it to be reliable. A useful place to start looking for connections & fares. Air:
Looking for cheerful lodgings near to your dive site? Try these Bed & Breakfast links - they provide accommodation for most budgets
site 1:
site 2:
site 3:    
Overseas travel
For complete trips:
here: and then try here:
We know that there are many different sites - but we have found this one to be useful and a good starting point flight: Baggage allowances If you're travelling with loads of gear, these sites will give you some useful advice.


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