Train to Dive

You can learn to scuba dive with either PADI (Professional Association of Diving instructors) or BSAC (The British Sub Aqua Club). Both offer excellent scuba diving training courses but approach it differently. PADI offers scuba diving courses through Dive Centres and BSAC through a 'club' approach.

PADI courses are globally recognized and structured for continual scuba diving development and offer training for all diving abilities for recreational scuba divers. PADI's courses are designed to suit everyone, from people who never dived before and want to learn, people want to improve your diving proficiency, or those more adventurous scuba divers with the PADI technical diving courses.

Below is the PADI structure of scuba diving courses, starting with a pool based Try Dive or an Open Water Course all the way to Master Scuba Diver and Instructor. Use the Dive Centre search facility to find a dive centre near you who offer these courses.

The following sites will give you more information about PADI scuba divivng courses.    - : -
BSAC are the UK's leading dive club and the sport's National Governing Body, providing an internationally-recognised diver training and development programme via a network of clubs and centres across the country and overseas. BSAC offer training which is more directed on U.K. scuba diving and focuses on the particular issues that are typical of scuba diving in this country.
For further information about scuba diving training with BSAC visit their website at:


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