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Scuba-hut.com has been created by divers, for divers.
The site was born of frustrations with the UK diving industry, and in particular being unable to readily find available dive boats in around the country. Our aim is to put all the information you need to organise your diving trip in the UK into one easy to search place, eliminating the need to trawl the web. We are trying to create a one-stop-shop for all things scuba in the UK, for the benefit of divers, dive companies, dive clubs and boat operators.

Because we ourselves are divers, we understand the needs of the dive community and that is exactly why we created scuba-hut.com. Our easy to use search facilities let you browse our database of dive boat operators and dive facilities, or to refine your search to exactly what you’re looking for.

Our adverts give you all the information you need to make decisions for your dive trip – from boats through travel to suggestions for accommodation. All the information in our adverts is vetted to ensure they are accurate and up to date, and because your safety is paramount, we provide listings of any accreditations the dive boat owners or operators hold. The entire site is designed so that you can make an informed, honest and unbiased choice about where you go to dive, and with whom.

We are also trying to build a national online dive community. Our forum is an excellent place to ask questions, give dive trip feedback, and generally discuss UK scuba diving. It’s a great place to pick up (and leave) tips and reviews from around the country. But we need the help of the dive community to make it a successful and useful tool, so log in and get typing!

We aim to evolve scuba-hut.com into the most diver-friendly site in the country. We always put our customers first and welcome any feedback on how to improve our service.

Meet the Team:
Peter is an experienced recreational diver with years of scuba-diving behind him. He continues to dive regularly around the UK and also abroad. Peter recently took the decision to put his years of experience into practice and take the step to become a PADI Divemaster and can often be found in the pool helping people train for Open Water certification.

Peter has organised a number of trips both in the UK and abroad. These include:

    Dahab and Sharm el Sheik in Egypt
    Sulawesi the Lembeh Strait, Manado and Bunaken in Indonesia
    Truk Lagoon and Yap in Micronesia
    Mombasa in Kenya
    St Abbs
    Cornwall and Devon

Richard’s scuba diving career began whilst travelling through Thailand. He completed his PADI Open Water course in Koh Tao, before returning to the UK to face colder waters! Gaining much experience in Stoney Cove, Richard has also dived extensively at inland diving sites, around the North Welsh coast, and also in Devon and Cornwall. Richard gained his PADI Advance Open Water certification in Sharm el Sheik, and Rescue Diver back in the UK. Richard has also travelled to Micronesia and Palau.
Robert has considerable recreational dive experience. Although not as prolific in UK waters, Robert has dived Tahiti and Brazil. However, Robert’s knowledge of Scottish diving is impressive. Also, his marketing skills are of particular use at scuba-hut.com.

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